Here are some of the projects and teams I’m working with at the moment.


Flocker is an ecommerce solution for streamers that allows them to manager their tips and donations, their subscriptions, and their merchandise in one place. Currently in public beta, Flocker’s full-featured launch is scheduled for February 2019 and will include donations, subs, alerts, and more.


Kickbooster is a referral program for crowdfunding campaigns such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and ecommerce stores on Shopify. Store and campaign owners to can reward their supporters with commission, store credit, and more.


Shortbox is microcast that covers the latest releases from the world of comic books and graphic novels. Episodes typically run for 10-15 minutes and are released weekly.

The show has been on a break since September and will be returning in 2019.


Dialog is a third-party Android client for The app is currently in beta and is available on Google Play.

Comic Stack

Comic Stack – originally Panels of Awesome – was a weekly comic book talk radio show that covered the latest comic book news, rumours, and releases.

The show ran from May 2013 until February 2015 for a total of 62 episodes.


The rest of my work can be found in my portfolio.

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