Telltale announces New Batman, Wolf Among Us

Via The Verge:

Telltale Games is bringing back three of its best series. Things will kick off with a second season of the developer’s take on Batman, the first episode of a planned five-part series will debut on August 8th. The first season of the game wrapped up last December, and was a surprisingly refreshing take on the Bruce Wayne / Batman dynamic. Telltale says that returning players will be able to carry over their decisions from the first season into the new story.

I absolutely loved the first season of Telltale’s Batman game. In fact, it was my runner-up for Game of the Year for 2016. Having grown tired of the Arkham games, Telltale’s Batman was a breath of fresh air with their interpretations of classic Batman characters and relationships. Riddler opens the door to a number of really interesting possibilities that will play well with how Telltale has typically constructed their games. Really looking forward to episode one in August. 

Also coming next year is the long-awaited second season of The Wolf Among Us. The series — an adaptation of the comic Fables — debuted way back in 2014, and introduced an intriguing detective story set in a dark fairytale world. Telltale says the new season will introduce a “fresh” storyline, but will once again star the pair of Bigby Wolf and Snow White. The studio describes it as “a standalone product separate from season one.”

For whatever reason, I’ve never played the original Wolf Among Us from start to finish. I own it, I’ve seen most of the game via my wife’s playthrough but have yet to actually complete it myself so maybe this is the push I need to get it done. It’s an excellent game and I’m excited to see where they go with the next season. Telltale has really tightened up their engine in the recent games and I know Wolf Among Us 2 will benefit greatly from that.

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