On the final episode of Twin Peaks

Via The A.V. Club:

What’s most remarkable about The Return, and “Part 18” in particular, is the way it has cast the entire series in a new light. The initial appeal of the show, outside of the Laura Palmer whodunnit, was its gradual unveiling of a mysterious realm that existed outside of ours, and some of The Return’s most indelible moments were those that expanded our understanding of that realm, whether it was the creation of Bob in “Part 9” or the frequent journeys into the bizarre logic of the Black Lodge. But peppered throughout were allusions to the wormhole we’d go through in the finale. The Giant’s opening scene referenced Richard and Linda, and Gordon Cole’s monologue about Monica Bellucci introduced the notion that this was all someone else’s dream. Audrey Horne’s wrenching return to reality from the heaven of the Roadhouse, too, provided a clue that there were more realities at play here than merely the world of Twin Peaks and the world of the Red Room. “We live in a dream,” Cooper intones with godlike solemnity in “Part 17,” but whose?

The thing I’ve enjoyed the most in this post-Twin Peaks world is volume of great, thought provoking articles many publications have put together in its wake. Most not so much trying to recap the final few episodes, which would be almost impossible to do effectively, but rather trying to explain what made the show so great as a whole now that it’s over.

Like many of these articles, I completely agree that there should never be another season. The show ended in exactly the way I had hoped it would. It left us wondering what the heck was happening week after week, why would we expect it to ever actually explain anything in the final episodes?

The finale and really the entire series, 1-3, will leave me thinking back to it for years to come as small pieces slowly fit into place. That’s more than I can say for any other series finale I’ve ever seen.

There was nothing like Twin Peaks before it and there will likely be nothing like it again.

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