The Last Night coming to Xbox One

Richard Lawler, writing for Engadget:

The Studio Ghibli-inspired dark fantasy game is looking as beautiful as ever and of course, the trailer is presented in Xbox One X-ready 4K resolution. Deemed a “cinematic platformer” it brings equal amounts of rain, neon and atmosphere – sort of like an 8-bit Frame City Killer.

This game looks incredible, like a mix of old-school PC adventure games and cyberpunk films like Blade Runner. Titles like this are exactly what Microsoft needs to keep pushing for, although the fact that it’s not a long-term exclusive is important to note here.

Also, you’ll hardly need something like the Xbox One X to play it but that’s exactly the point that I’m hoping Microsoft understands: you don’t need the biggest and baddest hardware to create amazing games and entertain people.

I’m hopeful that The Last Night lives up to that.

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