Remedy ditches exclusivity to Microsoft

Via Ars Technica:

Today’s sign of Microsoft’s trouble attracting exclusives comes from Remedy Entertainment. The Finnish company previously known for Xbox exclusives like Quantum Break and the Alan Wake series has announced that its next game, codenamed P7, will “release… on a wider range of platforms,” including the PS4. Remedy’s last game on a Sony system was 2003’s Max Payne 2 for the PlayStation 2.

The last couple Remedy games have been the reasons I bought and/or continued to play my Xbox. They’re one of my favorite studios. Alan Wake was one of the final titles I booted up and completed in my 360, just before it red-ringed. Quantum Break was one of two games I’ve actually played to completion on my Xbox One and was the reason I bought the system in the first place.

Having been a PlayStation fan for much of my gaming life, I’ve always been disappointed that the company’s titles hadn’t been reaching Sony’s systems post-Max Payne and was always confident that this exclusivity created an underappreciation of Remedy’s games. It’s nice to hear that an entirely new audience will get the chance to see what they’re capable of and I’m really excited to get our first look at P7.

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