WWDC wish list 2017

With Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference right around the corner, I thought I’d take some time to highlight a few things I’d love to see announced at the event.

Sirikit Updates

I’d love to see Apple add more ways for third-party developers to integrate their apps with Siri. We got ride-sharing, photos, payments, and messaging last year, it would be great to be able to control non-Apple Music music apps or use Waze to give directions instead of Apple Maps.

Siri Speaker

While we’re talking about SiriKit, it seems only appropriate that Apple open the gates to music apps (Spotify, Soundcloud, etc) if they’re planning on introducing their rumoured speaker. I mean, I suppose they could limit this to just using Apple Music much like Amazon did initially with the Echo but I’m really hoping they don’t.

I’ve been using a Google Home since it launched last year and have found it fairly helpful. The only issue is that, since our home is so integrated with Apple’s ecosystem with Apple TV and HomeKit, things aren’t nearly as seamless as they could be. Naturally, I’d hope that an Apple branded assistant would be a better fit in our day-to-day routine.

Another issue is the quality of sound. The Home isn’t meant to be a great speaker. The rumours for Apple’s speaker point to something that will feature considerably better sound, closer to something from Sonos, which is exciting.

Sleep Tracking

I’d moved between a couple different sleep-tracking apps (Pillow, AutoSleep) but haven’t really found anything that really checked all the boxes. I enjoy the design of Pillow’s app but it’s hardly a slam-dunk. Also, having to manually trigger the sleep tracking every night is less than ideal. While AutoSleep requires no interaction to track your sleep, the design is extremely bloated and complicated.

These are problems I’m certain Apple would be able to solve in a first-party app that tightly integrates with the Apple Watch. Not to mention, they recently bought Beddit, so sleep-tracking is clearly on their plate in some way.

Everything Else

iOS 11 UI cleanup:
I really like the look of News and Music, it would be nice to get the same look rolled out across the rest of Apple’s products, not unlike the mockups in this post by Philip Joyce on Medium.

MacOS updates:
Minor, mostly under the hood cleanup please! My MacBook is my workhorse computer. I don’t need bells and whistles, just an even more reliable experience.

Apple bought them earlier this year, will it be integrated into iOS?

One More Thing

The iPad desperately needs some love. It might be a stretch to expect a full iPad version of iOS but some significant optimizations specific to the larger screens would be greatly appreciated and a big surprise.

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