Walking Dead: A New Frontier [Review]

Via The Beat:

Loyal fans who have played these games since the tragic tale of Lee Everett’s surrogate guardianship of Clementine in season one will be thrilled by the game’s post credit scene. As the recent seasons of the TV show have been less than stellar and the comics themselves have too many lull issues between significant happenings; for my money, Telltale Games is telling the best stories in the Walking Dead. This story about what a family truly is in a post-apocalyptic world is one of the most memorable things The Walking Dead universe has had in recent memory.

10/10- The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series- A New Frontier ends on the same high note it debuted. An incredible narrative carved out of risk and emotional power sticks the landing, not even the best television shows achieve. 

While this latest season of Telltale’s Walking Dead certainly wasn’t bad, I disagree about any sort of rewarding or unexpected pay off. To be honest, the whole season landed with a bit of a thud for me and I can’t help but feel like the series has run out of steam. Aside from a climactic battle in the last few minutes of episode four, the back half of the season seemed to lumber slowly (not unlike an undead monster) across the finish line in a fairly safe, predictable fashion.

The new cast of characters were interesting in the beginning as we learned about what exactly brought them together and out into the zombie outbreak but I quickly grew tired of them and even annoyed by them as, by episode three and four, the season seemed to lose almost all of the momentum, resorting to moving back and forth from one area then back to another. Clementine’s inclusion in the game felt forced with her story being tacked onto other characters, taking several episodes to unravel, and getting very little closure in the final episode.

New Frontier was, without question, the weakest of the three (not including Michonne) Walking Dead games to date and certainly not a perfect 10. With another one clearly on the way, I’ll be interested to see if Telltale can right the ship or if this once award worthy franchise is doomed to fizzle out.

Note: Speaking of bugs, I had an issue where a handful of my major choices from the previous episodes were not loaded, causing my ending to be radically different than the one I had been building towards.

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