DC censoring reprints of Batman: Damned #1

Batman: Damned art by Lee Bermejo

By Joshua Yehl, writing for IGN:

A source close to the project told IGN that DC chose to alter the art because it wasn’t additive to the story. The first print run currently on sale in shops still features the unaltered art, but all future printings of Batman: Damned will reflect the altered artwork, the source also said.

So after one issue in the new Black Label line — which was sold and marketed for mature readers — DC is presumably throwing in the towel and removing the silhouette of Batman’s penis based on the outcry from a handful of people?

Give me a break.

For clarity, my annoyance with this has nothing to do with the specific content that is being removed. DC says that Batman’s genitals have no impact on the story being told, which I’m not entirely sure I agree with but that’s a whole other discussion. My issue stems from the fact that DC is removing anything deemed “too mature” from a book that is part of an imprint they sold for months as one for mature, adult readers.

Based on this news, we can safely assume DC will be cutting Sean Gordon Murphy’s Harley / Joker sex scene (again) from the White Knight collected edition when that arrives in October, no?

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