No Man’s Sky is pulling in big numbers on Steam

Christopher Livingston, writing for PC Gamer:

It was a big weekend for No Man’s Sky. Following the release of the Next expansion, Hello Games’ space sandbox drew a peak concurrent playercount of around 97,000 players on Sunday. That’s not quite half the total the 2016 launch drew on Steam, which was just over 212,000 concurrent users, but it’s close, and not bad for a game that’s been out for two years.

I’ve been playing almost every evening with friends since the Next update launched and it’s been great. In fact, that’s my character and ship in the photo above. The gang at Hello Games should be—and mostly have been—commended for their dedication to the game via patches and new content.

Swamped with negative press in the early days, Sean Murray and the gang at Hello could have easily cut and run without delivering many of the features that were promised at launch. Fortunately for everyone, that wasn’t what happened and the team’s being rewarded by fans with a ton of support and appreciation for all their hard work.

I really can’t wait to see what they bring to the game next.

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