Spider-Gwen becoming Ghost Spider?

Ghost Spider (?) art by Bengal

Rich Johnston, writing for Bleeding Cool:

Bleeding Cool told you last year that Marvel had trademarked Ghost Spider, the new name for Spider-Gwen, for comic books. Already present in the cartoons, now it’s going full time in the comics as well with a new series to be announced at San Diego Comic-Con, to follow on from the recently cancelled series.

I haven’t kept up with the Spider-Gwen series but I’m interested to see what the spin on this is when/if they announce it. Is this a sign that Spider-Gwen — a character from a different universe — will be joining the main Marvel continuity in a similar capacity to Miles Morales and the Ultimate Universe? It makes the ending of her book more understandable, if this is the case.

It’s clear that she wouldn’t continue to be called Spider-Woman — since there are several other characters with that name — and it’s always been a little weird that her book was called Spider-Gwen instead of her actual codename but why Ghost Spider? Will she be changing her awesome costume to coincide with the change? I really hope not.

So many questions, so few answers.

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