Passenger on Kickstarter

Via Kickstarter:

In Passenger, you pilot an advanced space craft that runs on souls. You earn souls by convincing alien life that you’re their God so they pledge their soul to you!

To convert a planet to your “religion”, you’ll have to listen in on a civilization to try and understand what they are all about. You can listen in on their government, their theaters, their workplaces, and if they’re advanced enough, even their radio broadcasts!

While observing, take note of what they fear and value. With that in mind, you will be able to more confidently assert yourself as a God when you reveal yourself. Are they all starving to death? Promise them a grand feast in the afterlife! Do they love nature? Burn their forests and threaten barren wastes in hell. A good religion always comes with a threat and a promise.

Passenger seems incredibly intricate and will certainly appeal to fans of the Civilization series. Full disclosure, Passenger is being made in part by a friend of mine who has been putting his heart and soul into the creation of the game for the past year or so. If you like what you see on the game’s Kickstarter page, consider pledging to help it get made.

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