Image Announces New Subscription Service

Image Announces New Subscription Service

Image Announces New Subscription Service

All that Image-y goodness delivered right to your doorstep

Want to get your hands on the latest books from Image Comics but can’t seem to get them ordered in to your local comic shop? Maybe your local shop isn’t actually so local and you want to easier way to pick up your comics? Image has you covered with their brand-new Image Direct subscription service, launching today.

With this annual service, available for more than 40 of their current titles including Sex Criminals, Saga, and many more, will see books sent right from Image to your door for the beginning of February. The best part of ordering right from the source? You’ll save yourself 30% off the cover price. If you’re feeling bold and want to partake in (almost) everything available from Image, you’ll save an extra 5%.

In an industry becoming increasingly digital, this is definitely an interesting move. For those people who were already planning on picking up copies of these books, the new image direct Service stands to save them a lot of money and make it even easier to check out all the great books the company offers.

To sign up or simply learn more, visit the Image Comics subscription page.

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