Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within [Review]

I finished up the second season of Telltale’s Batman this past weekend and while I really enjoyed it for the most part, it wasn’t without issue.

I felt like this season was a strong follow-up to the first season. The big choices from the first few episodes paid off in a huge way in the finale as the game’s villain is built almost entirely around them. Visually, the second season was a huge improvement from the first as well, with characters looking more detailed and less stiff than the previous season.

The story did, at times, feel a little scattered and littered with enemies for the sake of showing more of Batman’s rogue gallery and not really to add much value to the story.

One interesting problem I had was the misinterpretation of how the dialogue choices would be read aloud and interpreted by characters in conversations. One choice specifically cut one entire plot short because I didn’t realize the line I had selected was one of frustration and not of encouragement. It’s hard to explain this without getting deeper into the story but, needless to say, it shows how important mood and tone are when you’re thinking about conversation via text. I’d love to see them address in a future game if it’s even possible to do.

The biggest issue I had with this second season was that there wasn’t enough closure with certain subplots to keep this season self-contained and not requiring the third season to tie certain things up. That said, The Enemy Within is definitely worth checking out. Despite my frustration with the resolution of certain parts of the plot, I am looking forward to whatever Telltale has planned for Batman’s next season.

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