A Windows laptop without bloatware is not a MacBook Pro

Sam Rutherford, writing for Gizmodo:

Now for all you Mac die-hards, the fact that the X Pro doesn’t run macOS might be a deal breaker. But that’s really Apple’s fault for not letting other companies license its operating system, as I suspect Huawei may have wanted to ape that too. But I’m not really bothered, because Huawei did something just as good when it partnered with Microsoft to install Windows 10 Pro Signature Edition on the Matebook X Pro. There’s no bloat or added bullshit whatsoever.

I don’t want to use Windows.

A bloat-less Windows is not “just as good” as macOS.

Hardware is not the most important consideration for me when buying a new computer. I’m constantly surprised by articles like these that continue to either misunderstand or undervalue Apple’s marriage of software and hardware, which is what actually matters to many Mac users and keeps them using Apple’s products.

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