Frank Miller and Ben Caldwell on new book starring Carrie Kelley

Jude Terror, writing for Bleeding Cool:

Frank Miller has signed a new five-book exclusive deal with DC Comics, which will include not only his upcoming Superman: Year One book with John Romita Jr. but also a new graphic novel starring Carrie Kelley. Publisher’s Weekly has the report on the deal, which will be officially announced at Wondercon at the DC Publishers panel. The graphic novel will be aimed at young adults and feature art by Ben Caldwell.

This sounds like it could be amazing, since Frank Miller is Frank Miller, the creator of Kelley within the pages of the Dark Knight Returns, and Ben Caldwell is… well, Ben Caldwell. However, I have my doubts about DC’s ability to get this thing released, given how delayed almost every other project involving Miller has been as of late. Still, I have hope and can’t wait to hear more about it.

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