Google app reveals improved controls for Pixel Buds

Thuy Ong, writing for The Verge:

Triple tapping would allow users to manually turn the earbuds on and off, which would be useful, given that there is no way to turn the earbuds off until they’re placed back in the case. According to the code, the in-ear detection mode places the earbuds into sleep mode when the right earbud is removed and wakes them again when you place it back. The code mimics Apple’s AirPods which already have customizable taps and automatic ear detection.

While this addresses some of the early complaints with the Pixel Buds, particularly the ability to auto-sleep when the right Bud has been removed, one issue I have with them that hasn’t even been mentioned, best I can tell, is how hard it is to change the settings or see the status of them.

Currently, the settings for them are buried within the menu for the Google Assistant, which is hidden away in the Google app, unless I’ve missed it elsewhere. So something as simple as checking the current battery level is much more difficult than it should be. Any updates to this menu structure would be a huge help.

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