Android Wear rebranded as Wear OS?

Taylor Kerns, writing for Android Police:

Android Wear may be changing its image, according to a Reddit post by user H3x0n. Per the post, during the setup of an Android Wear watch (the post didn’t specify which), H3x0n was greeted with both a new icon and an unfamiliar name for the operating system.

This makes complete sense, especially with the recent conversion from Android Pay to Google Pay. With less and less of a reliance on Android itself and more on the actual Wear app, available on both iOS and Android, the original name just doesn’t hold up anymore.

My hope, as I’ve already mentioned, is that this isn’t just a change in name but also a big change in update frequency for the platform, including a nice juicy update at I/O this year. Maybe even a Pixel watch?

We can dream.

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