Nick Spencer’s merits shouldn’t disappear in the wake of Secret Empire

Joshua Yehl, writing for IGN:

Spencer was the source of much controversy over the past two years as he unfolded a story where Captain America was revealed to be a secret Hydra agent. Ottley is best known for drawing Invincible with writer Robert Kirkman.

How long are we going to hang this over his head?

Spencer is also the writer of a rather excellent run of Secret Avengers, and Morning Glories, and Ant-Man, and Infinite Vacation… but, okay, let’s focus the headline (and make it much more clickable by readers) on the controversial Secret Empire series he recently wrote. For clarification, the title of the article linked above is “Hydra Cap Writer Takes Over Marvel’s Spider-Man Comic”.

It’s worth noting that Nick Spencer isn’t the only person to “blame” for Secret Empire, not that I feel like there’s anything to blame anyone for anyway. As Spencer has said in the past, the concept for the story was created by Rick Remender and adapted by Spencer.

He’s a capable, entertaining, celebrated writer. I’m excited to see what his grounded approach to the character will be as it’s been sorely lacking lately.

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