Kirkman and Martinbrough’s Thief of Thieves returns in 2018

Rich Johnston, writing for Bleeding Cool:

In a private press conference, Robert Kirkman launched and promoted his new comic book Oblivion Song. And afterwards, running through his projects and those of his Skybound company. Including that Extremity‘s Daniel Warren Johnson has a new project for Skybound. And he ended with one previously unheard revelation that yes, Thief of Thieves would be coming back soon — “that’s probably something I’m not supposed to say.” But thankfully he did.

This is great news. I’ve really enjoyed Thief of Thieves but, for whatever reason, it hasn’t received anywhere near the attention his other titles despite the top-tier talent that’s been behind it over the years.

It’ll be interesting to see if Andy Diggle returns to write or if someone else picks up where he left off. I’d have to assume (and hope) that artist Shawn Martinbrough, who launched the book with Kirkman in 2012 and has been on it since then, will be returning. It certainly won’t be the same if he isn’t.

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