Thoughts on The Cloverfield Paradox

Alissa Wilkinson, writing for Vox:

Netflix apparently bought The Cloverfield Paradox film from Paramount within the last couple weeks, and that was not just a gutsy move but probably a good one for Netflix, for Paramount, and for the movie itself.

That’s because a movie like The Cloverfield Paradox frankly was not going to find an opening in the 2018 theatrical release calendar in which it could do well. The movie would likely have earned only middling reviews from most critics (which would contribute to a lacklustre Rotten Tomatoes score, a measure by which many moviegoers make their ticket-buying decisions), and it would have to fight its way through the sea of other sequels and franchises to get to the top of the heap. Without much to distinguish it from other science fiction movies except its somewhat minor connection to the Cloverfield movies, it probably would not have performed well at the box office.

I actually really enjoyed the Cloverfield Paradox but agree that this was likely the best way to get it in front of people. With the reach that Netflix has, and the fact that viewers have been pretty accepting to critically pummelled films as of late, something with the quality of Paradox should be very well received.

In terms of the movie itself, it’s clear that there were a number of changes to make it fit into the greater Cloverfield universe but it still worked well in my opinion. I’m a sucker for time/dimension travel movies and I’ve loved the first two films in the franchise so this was a gift that kept on giving.

Is it the perfect movie? Not by a long shot but it’s a more than capable sci-fi flick that digs just deep enough into the Cloverfield lore without giving away too much. 🎥

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