Following Metal, Scott Snyder is taking over Justice League

Joshua Yehl, writing for IGN:

Following the events of Metal, which ends on March 14 with Issue #6, there will be a four-issue weekly miniseries that kicks off on May 9 called Justice League: No Justice co-written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson with art by Francis Manapul.

Upon concluding, ‘No Justice’ will set the stage for a family of Justice League comics starting in June, with the flagship title being written by Snyder and the others by Tynion, Williamson, and more.

This is a big deal. It feels like forever since JL was treated like a top-tier title at DC and Snyder will undoubtedly bring that back to the book. While it looks like Manapul will only be joining Synder for the “No Justice” mini-series, I’d love to see him stay on long-term.

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