Comparing the Pixel experience to other Android devices

Via Android Police:

I don’t think there’s $900 of value in it. It hasn’t spoiled me for other brands, as I find the Android experience now quite similar regardless of what you’re using, timely security updates aside. But I do enjoy using it and I don’t regret buying it. There are some nice features here as well as a few omissions, but all of it has been overshadowed by the contradicting narrative between Google’s rosy marketing and the many issues we’ve seen with it.

Articles like this just confuse me. None of this experience reflects regular users. Most people don’t chew through two or three phones in a matter of a couple years nor with they compare the fingerprint reader to the OnePlus 5t. The power users that mostly read AP likely already have a Pixel 2 or don’t care for it anyway. I don’t really understand what the point of this piece was.

I will never use a non-stock device, and I’ve run into snags with all the replacement launchers I’ve used, usually with the home screen repainting empty until I hit the home button and trigger the launcher. It might sound weird but it’s those little details that matter for me. I also need the updates as soon as they’re available and I can’t get anywhere near that on a non-Google device.

For me, the Pixel delivers the best Android experience.

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