OnePlus’ next flagship arrives in Q2 2018

Ryan Whitwam, writing for Android Police:

The sub-$500 OnePlus 5 was only out for around five months before the 5T usurped it. Now, OnePlus is looking into potential carrier deals in the US to move future phones in larger numbers. Speaking of future phones, OnePlus confirms a new phone is coming in a few months.


According to Lau, that phone will launch in late Q2 of this year. So, we’re looking at a May or June announcement, most likely. Lau didn’t confirm a name, but it’s safe to assume it will be the OnePlus 6.

How customers who bought the OnePlus 5 without feeling completely ripped off by the announcement of the 5T less than six months later is completely beyond me.

Cranking out new phones instead of shipping ones with more features at a normal pace seems like a really strange way to build customer loyalty.

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