World War Hulk II arrives in March 2018

Via IGN Comics:

The sequel hails from Greg Pak and Carlo Barberi and will kick off next year in March in Incredible Hulk #714. World War Hulk II follows Amadeus Cho as the Hulk, who comes back to Earth after his brutal time on Sakaar.

This announcement has left me with a mix of emotions. On one hand, I loved the original event, which was also written by the very capable Greg Pak, who has been writing all things Hulk for what seems like forever. On the other hand, Marvel’s sequel events have fallen flat and haven’t exactly been stories readers connected with, such as the recent Civil War sequel.

I haven’t read Hulk in years so I’m hardly in a place to make a call on this but, more generally, I really don’t like how often Marvel keeps going back to the same well. It hasn’t paid off yet and I have my doubts that World War Hulk II will be any different.

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