RUINER update makes the game easier

Via PC Gamer:

The game has three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal and Hard. The update, launched this week, tones them all down to make the game “smoother and more accurate”. Reikon says Easy mode will now allow players to explore the game’s back alleys without having to worry about dying horribly. On Normal, enemies deal less damage and on both Normal and Hard they’re less bullet sponge-y.

While I was able to make my way through the entireity of RUINER, it wasn’t without hundreds and hundreds of deaths at the hands of the game’s more challenging enemies.

I understand why developer Reikon would want to make this change but the difficulty never felt like a bug or anything like that. It was part of the experience. I can’t help but think that, with this update, they’re compromising the original vision of the game, despite saying this makes the game more accurate.

That said, if the majority of fans are asking for it, good on them to deliver what people want.

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