After nine years of ripping off designers, 99designs turns a profit

Via VentureBeat:

Need a new website, logo, or product packaging design? Simply draw up a brief and post it on the 99designs community site, where designers fight it out to win the gig.

The model has drawn criticism over the years for driving down wages while producing less-than-quality work. However, 99designs has raised around $45 million in VC cash, back by such notable names as Accel and Yahoo / Slack founder Stewart Butterfield.

Nearly a decade after its launch, 99designs has revealed that it’s finally making money, having hit profitability in both Q2 and Q3 2017.

While I don’t typically wish failure on any person or company, 99designs clearly doesn’t give a shit about designers so I can’t say I’d be overly upset if they never made a dollar.

If you’re in the market for cheap design work, keep in mind that you most definitely will get what you pay for.

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