The state of iPhone numbering

Via Business Insider:

This immediately puts the company in a weird position: With an “iPhone ten” around, the new iPhone 8 instantly seems not one, but two generations behind.

What is Apple going to name its new iPhones twelve months from now?

It will largely depend on one thing, and that is whether Apple will come out with two or three iPhones in 2018.

If it considers the iPhone X to be a one-shot, commemorative handset, it might as well introduce just two new iPhones again next time.

Imagine two phones with the overall size of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but screens that take up almost the entire front, like the X, and indeed all the other design features from the ultra-premium model.

Apple could call these iPhone XI (eleven) and XI Plus, or ditch numbers altogether and start anew, in a way similar to the iPads.

A couple things to unpack here:

• I don’t think the X puts any strain on the 8. I think had Apple named the phone the iPhone 10, there would have been a problem but going with the X, which is a classic Apple move, makes the phone seem like more of a special release instead of a sucessor to the phone they announed only moments earlier.

• My first thought when they showed off the 8 and then the X was how unsustainable these names have gotten. I’m in the camp of them starting from scratch next year and simply calling the next device “iPhone” or something similarly simple, like they did with the iPad, pre-Air.

• I can’t ever see them calling the next phone the iPhone XI. Seems strange for a device that advanced to be labeled with roman numerals other than X. There’s a factor of cool and trendyness that comes with X that vanishes once you tack the I on there.

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