Corner Box Art – A Classic Marvel Tradition →

The corner box tradition carried on for decades or till the early 90s until they got replaced by logos of characters to mark a change in approach until they were abandoned for good. However, what remains noticeable about the corner boxes is not just the art but a cult-following they enjoy.

I really wish they still regularly did these. Such a great part of classic comics.

Shortbox #005: Not A Good Look →

This week we take a look at this week’s debut of Scarlet #1 from Jinxworld and DC, plus a look back at last week’s Crowded #1. We also preview a couple titles that’ll be available next week including Batman #54 and Unnatural #3 before taking a moment to discuss Comicsgate.

Shortbox #003: Go With Your Gut →

On this week’s show we cover Batman #53, Pearl #1, and a missed connection with Justice League Dark #1 from a few weeks back. We also look ahead to next week’s releases, highlight a graphic novel recommendation, and answer a listener question about single issues vs. collected editions.

H1Z1 officially comes to the PS4 →

Given the decline in player base on PC, I wonder how many people will actually play this on PS4.

Also, curious where the Z in the name fits in anymore. Are there any zombies actually in Battle Royale mode? Maybe there should be? It might be a good way to distinguish the game from others like it.

Shortbox #001: The First Appearance →

On this week’s debut episode, it’s all about Batman #52, The Seeds #1, and Captain America #2. We also look ahead to some of next week’s big releases and answer some reader questions.

Is the “Netflix of podcasts” moment finally here? →

This is quickly becoming a crowded space and I don’t see what differentiates something like CastBox from alternatives like Stitcher, aside from the inclusion of audiobooks. It seems like yet another company trying to cash in on podcasting boom under the guise of helping creators make money.

Marvel Pushes The Sentry in New Directions →

Sentry #1 art by Kim Jacinto

As a longtime fan of the character, I loved this first issue.

I’ve always felt like Sentry’s origin needed some work but the complexity of his internal battles with The Void always had the potential to be something amazing. I’m confident that Lemire is the writer to finally realize that potential, given his recent work on Moon Knight.

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