Shortbox #005: Not A Good Look →

This week we take a look at this week’s debut of Scarlet #1 from Jinxworld and DC, plus a look back at last week’s Crowded #1. We also preview a couple titles that’ll be available next week including Batman #54 and Unnatural #3 before taking a moment to discuss Comicsgate.

Shortbox #003: Go With Your Gut →

On this week’s show we cover Batman #53, Pearl #1, and a missed connection with Justice League Dark #1 from a few weeks back. We also look ahead to next week’s releases, highlight a graphic novel recommendation, and answer a listener question about single issues vs. collected editions.

H1Z1 officially comes to the PS4 →

Given the decline in player base on PC, I wonder how many people will actually play this on PS4.

Also, curious where the Z in the name fits in anymore. Are there any zombies actually in Battle Royale mode? Maybe there should be? It might be a good way to distinguish the game from others like it.

Shortbox #001: The First Appearance →

On this week’s debut episode, it’s all about Batman #52, The Seeds #1, and Captain America #2. We also look ahead to some of next week’s big releases and answer some reader questions.