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    Anthem update is really good. Noticeable improvements in load times, easier mission selection, better movement speed in Tarsis, and so much more. Nice to see so much getting addressed this quickly.

  • So what started out as a simple trip to buy a new graphics card turned into an entire new PC build for my wife. That’s pretty normal… right?

  • Art by Artgerm

    Art by Artgerm

  • The state of DC Black Label

    DC Black Label

    Rich Johnston, writing for Bleeding Cool:

    But today DC Comics cancelled all orders [of Batman Damned #3], promising it will be resolicited at a later date, for May.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath though. There has been no more sign of any other new Black Label projects to be published, despite several having been announced ages ago. Editorial has been micromanaging many projects, as the cancellation of Second Coming proves.

    From the customer’s perspective, DC’s Black Label has been an embarrassment. I don’t say that because of what’s been released so far or what was — at one point — planned for release. I’ve loved the first two issues of Batman Damned, and obviously SGM’s Batman: White Knight — although technically not Black Label but sort of — is great.

    The most painful part of Black Label has been DC’s backpedalling. They promised a mature comic book line and then went back on their word at the first sign of trouble: a silhouette of Batman’s junk. I really hope we see more books released under the Black Label line, the idea of it is great. The execution thus far has been anything but.

    On a positive note, speaking specifically on Batman Damned, writer Brian Azzarello has confirmed that the book will still see the light of day.

  • Started Anthem

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    Anthem is a shared-world action RPG, where players can delve into a vast landscape teeming with amazing technology and forgotten treasures. This is a world where Freelancers are called upon to defeat savage beasts, ruthless marauders, and forces plotting to conquer humanity.

  • Judging a game by its demo

    William Hughes, writing for The AV Club:

    No, Anthem sucks at the parts that BioWare is supposed to be good at: building worlds and telling stories. This is an element that the original Destiny got dragged for, too—asking Peter Dinklage to riff on space wizards, and literally jettisoning most of the game’s text into a separate website—but a) they got better at it, and b), Bungie didn’t come into this with a reputation for dense, layered storytelling.

    Wow. There’s a lot to unpack here.

    This article is upsetting for a number of reasons — including referencing all the games that BioWare has made before so people think you know what you’re talking about, comparing it to a game you seemingly played very little of but still deeply respected (?), not having a clear idea of when the demo was available (Feb. 1–3, FYI), etc — but the most ridiculous has to be the fact that this is essentially reviewing a game based on what little content was available in said public demo (not a beta) over a week ago.

    If I had to guess, I’d say that Hughes didn’t get a review copy of the game but still wanted some clicks and this article was born.

    In my opinion, demos are a great way to get information about the graphics, performance, controls, and general feel of the game. What they’re not particularly great at is helping to determine the intricacies and depth of a game’s story, characters, or world.

    If I had one recommendation on how to make this article better, consider jumping into the actual game for a bit — since it’s available now via EA Access — and use that experience as a basis for your piece.

    Just a suggestion.

  • Catherine Full Body launches worldwide on PlayStation 4 in September

    Catherine: Full Body

    Jenni, writing for Siliconera:

    Catherine: Full Body has a release date for North America and Europe. The game will appear on the PlayStation 4 in both regions on September 3, 2019. In addition, a launch edition and Heart’s Desire Platinum Edition have been revealed on the official website.

    I’m glad to finally see that the Full Body edition of Catherine will be available in North America. This is so much more than just an up-res and frame rate bump we typically see in other re-releases. With Full Body, Atlus has added an entirely new character to the story, along with new animation, cutscenes, etc.

    I’d love to get my hands on either the launch or platinum edition but I’d have to imagine they’ll be in pretty high demand. Regardless, I’m really excited to play through the game again.

  • Skull Stickers

  • Aside from some minor title issues with my RSS feed, some image links to change over, importing posts prior to 2019, and adding pagination on the main page, I’ve officially converted my site over from WordPress to Jekyll.

    It’s been a challenge for me to stick with a new publishing system but I feel pretty happy with how this has come together so far. 🤞

  • Started Apex Legends

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    Apex Legends

    Where legendary challengers fight for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Explore a growing roster of diverse characters and experience intense tactical squad play in a bold, new evolution of battle royale.

  • Art by Matteo Scalera

    Art by Matteo Scalera

  • I’ve only spent a couple hours with it but Anthem feels like the real deal. All the best parts of Destiny, Warframe, and Bioware mixed into one beautiful package. I can’t wait to see much, much more when the game goes live.