I finished Brubaker and Phillips’ Kill or be Killed this weekend. I’m constantly surprised by how they bend the crime genre in new ways. It’s going to make for a beautiful collected edition, assuming they go that route.

Spider-Gwen becoming Ghost Spider?

Ghost Spider (?) art by Bengal

Rich Johnston, writing for Bleeding Cool:

Bleeding Cool told you last year that Marvel had trademarked Ghost Spider, the new name for Spider-Gwen, for comic books. Already present in the cartoons, now it’s going full time in the comics as well with a new series to be announced at San Diego Comic-Con, to follow on from the recently cancelled series.

I haven’t kept up with the Spider-Gwen series but I’m interested to see what the spin on this is when/if they announce it. Is this a sign that Spider-Gwen – a character from a different universe – will be joining the main Marvel continuity in a similar capacity to Miles Morales and the Ultimate Universe? It makes the ending of her book more understandable, if this is the case.

It’s clear that she wouldn’t continue to be called Spider-Woman – since there are several other characters with that name – and it’s always been a little weird that her book was called Spider-Gwen instead of her actual codename but why Ghost Spider? Will she be changing her awesome costume to coincide with the change? I really hope not.

So many questions, so few answers.

🕹 Started Octopath Traveler →

A role-playing game from the Bravely Default team is being developed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. They have brought a new world to life through a mix of CG, pixel art, and “HD-2D” visuals.

It’s a big week for new books. Amazing Spider-Man was a blast and, given that I caught up on and finished Man of Steel the other day, I’m interested to see what Bendis and Reis have planned for this new volume of Superman.

I loved loved loved Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley’s debut (sort of) on Amazing Spider-Man. Tons of humor, great art. I can’t wait to read more.

It would seem I not only got a copy of Kirkman’s surprise Die!Die!Die! comic, but also randomly snagged the rarest variant of the bunch too.

One nice side-effect from indexing all my comics has been coming across all the books I’ve bought, had signed, or had sketched at conventions and keep stored away from my monthly books.

A couple highlights include my CGC SDCC variant of The Sentry #1. Also my Forbidden Planet variant of Sex Criminals #1, signed by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. I also have a copy of New Avengers #1 with a custom cover drawn by Alvin Lee featuring Spider-Man and Morrigan from Darkstalkers, which Lee also drew. Lastly, there’s my variant copy of JSA Classified #1, signed by the entire creative team, including one of my favourite artists — and the cover artist for that particular book — Adam Hughes.

Polygon calls out New York Times for spoilers in headlines, forgets they’ve done the same thing

Batman #50 art by Tony Daniel

Susana Polo, writing for Polygon:

The New York Times’ article — in the Vows section, naturally — went up on Sunday, July 1, three days before Batman #50 was due to hit shelves, and committed that most original nerd world sin: putting a spoiler in the headline.


The New York Times’ article — in the Vows section, naturally — went up on Sunday, July 1, three days before Batman #50 was due to hit shelves, and committed that most original nerd world sin: putting a spoiler in the headline.

It was Polygon themselves that spoiled Batman’s proposal back in issue #24 with the not-so-subtle headline of “Batman pops the big question in next issue”.

It’s also worth noting that said article was posted the day before the comic was available in stores. They have no business calling out the New York Times for doing the exact same thing.

This is the biggest NCBD since I got back into collecting physical books. With so much great stuff to read this week, I’m particularly excited for the Batman wedding issue, and the debuts of Catwoman, Unnatural, and Captain America.

Is the “Netflix of podcasts” moment finally here? →

This is quickly becoming a crowded space and I don’t see what differentiates something like CastBox from alternatives like Stitcher, aside from the inclusion of audiobooks. It seems like yet another company trying to cash in on podcasting boom under the guise of helping creators make money.

My wife got an iPhone X this weekend so I’ll be experiencing iOS 12 vicariously through her when it arrives this fall. Needless to say, I’m more excited than she is.

Marvel Pushes The Sentry in New Directions →

Sentry #1 art by Kim Jacinto

As a longtime fan of the character, I loved this first issue.

I’ve always felt like Sentry’s origin needed some work but the complexity of his internal battles with The Void always had the potential to be something amazing. I’m confident that Lemire is the writer to finally realize that potential, given his recent work on Moon Knight.